The Miscanthux product

Absorbent bedding
100% natural


Miscanthux is a miscanthus-based bedding for horses. Thanks to the intrinsic qualities of this plant grown and packaged in France, Miscanthux is both an economical and responsible choice for your horses and the environment.


Compact size

Easy handling

The benefits of Miscanthux bedding for your horse

High absorption

Miscanthus is a naturally absorbent plant. Miscanthux bedding guarantees a constantly dry surface, which is essential for your horses’ comfort. What’s more, miscanthus’ natural absorption prevents the formation of ammonia.


Miscanthux bedding is completely dust-free and can therefore be used in boxes for horses prone to allergies and respiratory problems.

Not palatable

Miscanthus is not a plant of nutritional interest to horses, so they don’t eat it, which makes it easier for farmers to control their feed.


Miscanthus strands are soft and non-abrasive, protecting the hooves of potentially fragile horses.


Packaged in 15 kg bags, Miscanthux litter is ergonomic, easy to handle and suitable for use on the move.

Easy to install and maintain

Miscanthux litter requires just a few simple steps to use:

1 Clean and disinfect the stall

2 Spread Miscanthux in a thick layer: allow four bags (60 kg) for a surface area of 9m2.

On a daily basis, remember to remove the manure. To compensate for losses due to daily cleaning, consider adding a bag of Miscanthux once a week. Finally, the litter should be removed and replaced every 10 weeks or so.

Easy delivery

Delivered in 1.2 x 1.2m x 2.4m pallets of 54 x 15 kg bags.

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