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The dust-free wrapper, 100% Norman and family-friendly!


Herbalux is a wrapped and dust-free haylage, originated by the will to offer horses a feed of a superior quality, respectful of their physiological needs and the environment.

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Mindful of our horses’ well-being and Normandy’s environment!

Herbalux is a family business, located in the Pays de Caux, in Normandy, that produces a haylage specially engineered for horses’ needs.

Holding dear the heritage of our native Normandy, and our passion for horses, it was crucial for us to fulfill this ambition with the patience and respect necessary to create a product of a superior quality. This is why we personally ensure the entirety of the process, from sowing to wrapping.

Horse breeders for years, we grant a particular importance to the haylage, as it is the ground floor of the horse’s alimentation, consuming it daily. Therefore, it is imperative for us to make it impeccable in terms of quality and nutritional value.

Wrapping is a conservation technique in an anaerobic environment that requires surrounding the grass in an airtight manner, under multiple layers of plastic. This process allows us to have a dust-free haylage, fitting perfectly to the needs of horses with respiratory problems such as lung diseases (emphysema) or allergic reactions (dust related).

More generally, Herbalux matches horses’ daily needs in fiber and can fully replace regular hay.


Why choose us?

Nutritional intake

Respectful of the environment



In constant search of optimization in our day-to-day life with horses

Even if it’s about mostly offering a haylage that can answer to your horses’ various needs, it is crucial to make it easy to use. This is why we decided to shape our product as bales of 20kg (44 lbs), for a simple everyday use. and during your trips (horse shows…).

In a nutshell, the Herbalux haylage is a product that we have developed to answer to the daily needs of the horse owner: the combination between quality and simplicity.

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