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A dust-free haylage for horses: the choice of quality


Dust-free, the Herbalux haylage is particularly advised for horses with respiratory problems. Our product stands out by its highly palatable quality and its compact packaging as 20kg (44 lbs) round bales, easily handled in your stables or your trips. Find out here all the plusses of this quality product, designed ton meet your horse’s needs!


Compact size

Easy handling

The advantages of Herbalux wrapped haylage for your horse

For your horses susceptible to dust induced diseases

For horses with emphysema or allergies, the choice of a dust-free haylage is a requirement, but for the rest, it’s a necessary precaution.

The Herbalux haylage, is a feed preserved by a slight dampness, with a dry matter rate reaching to the 65%, while regular hay goes up to 85%. It’s this difference that allows the Herbalux haylage to be dust-free and to offer an unmatched ease to your horses.

High palatability and nutritional values

The haylage is harvested at a precise growth stage, to obtain a maximum fiber rate, to match your horse’s daily needs for fibers. The wrapping technique allows to preserve the nutritional values of the plant species. On another note, the haylage is known for its high palatability.

the guarantee of a dust-free haylage, of a superior quality

A complete control over the wrapping techniques

Wrapped haylage are classed as a highly qualitative nourishment for horses but harvesting and storing techniques must be perfectly mastered.

The grass must be mowed at a precise stage and must then be flipped and aerated to dry. Next, the grass will be quickly and tightly pressed the wrapped as large balls under multiple layers of a special plastic. All these are sine qua non conditions to the establishment of the damp preservation process proper to this haylage, allowing it to offer all its qualities.

At Herbalux, the wrapping process is perfectly mastered, and the quality of the fodder lies in our attention to details in harvesting and preservation.

Natural and 100% from Normandy

Sowing, harvesting, wrapping stages are all taking place in Normandy.

To ensure an eco-friendly chain of production, we exclusively use natural additives recommended by the SOBAC for organic agriculture; it allows us to naturally enhance the quality and fertility of our soil.

We personally ensure the entirety of the process, to guarantee an impeccable quality.

Transported format of 20kg (44 lb)

When haylage is usually processed as large, heavy and unpractical bales, Herbalux decided to create a practical, easily carried and transported format of 20kg (44 lb) to make your life easier, while preserving the known bale shape.

Manual sorting during the final stage allows us to give a product of high quality, and homogeneity. It will also allow you to feed your horse while limiting the loss of forage, thanks to its highly palatable quality and controlling the quantity given to your horses.

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