Herbalux is a wrapped hay specially designed for horses.

Dust-free haylage, practical, high quality and affordable.

foin sans poussière

Our product

Herbalux is a wrapped hay specially designed for horses. It is a natural feed holding a maximum of fibers with a rather low protein rate. It will match your horse’s daily needs for fibers.


Slight dampness guarantees a dust-free haylage. It is the perfect fit for horses with allergies, emphysema, or respiratory issues. It is composed by 65% of dry matter while regular hay goes up to 85%.

Dust free

High quality

100% Natural

Natural and 100% from Normandy

Sowing, harvesting, wrapping stages are all taking place in Normandy. To ensure an ecofriendly chain of production, we exclusively use natural additives recommended by the SOBAC for organic agriculture; it allows us to naturally enhance the quality and fertility of our soil.

Processing in 20kg bales

Haylage is usually processed as large, heavy and unpractical bales. But Herbalux decided to create a practical, easily carried and transported format of 20kg (40 lb) to make your life easier, while preserving the known bale shape.

Manual sorting during the final stage allows us to give a product of high quality, and homogeneity.

It will also allow you to feed your horse while limiting the loss of forage thanks to its highly palatable quality and controlling the quantity given to your horses.

Directions for use

  • You will need 1kg of Herbalux per 100kg of your horse’s bodyweight to reach their daily nutritional needs.
  • This haylage can fully replace hay and reduce the use of concentrate feed.
  • An opened bale, or a bale exhibiting a hole, must be used within 8 days.
  • Store in the original packaging in a dry place, away from sunlight, and secure from rodents and cats, to maintain perfect sealing.

Price list


Pallet(s) Number of bales

Bale’s price
(excl. taxes)

Pallet’s price
(excl. taxes)
Pallet’s price
(incl. taxes)
1 31 11 € 341 € 375.1 €
2 62 10.7 € 331.7 € 364.87 €
3 93 10.4 € 322.4 € 354.64 €
4 124 10 € 310.4 € 341 €
5 155 9.75 € 302.25 € 332.48 €
6 186 9.5 € 294.5 € 323.95 €


31 bales per pallet
1,00 m/1,20 m
Height = 2,40 m


mail : contact@herbalux.fr

Phone number : +336 08 34 63 25

International shipping on request


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